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Workshops date: (tentative) September 13, 2013
Submission Deadline:
August 1, 2013
Acceptance notification:
August 15, 2013
Early reg deadline:
August 21, 2013
Camera-ready papers due:
August 28, 2013
Deadlines @ 11:59pm
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3rd Awareness Workshop on Challenges for Achieving Self-awareness in Autonomic Systems

Friday 13th September 2013 at SASO 2013, Philadelphia, USA.


We are delighted to announce the 3rd AWARENESS workshop@SASO, which has been organised in consultation with the Awareness Projects. The projects have each contributed a range of topics to be addressed by the workshop. We look forward to a stimulating workshop which spans the breadth of topics relevant to self-awareness in autonomic computing, providing exciting opportunities for cross-collaboration and cross-discussion of both the challenges faced and their proposed solutions.


As technology continues to rapidly advance, the management of systems becomes increasingly more difficult: systems are likely to be composed of heterogeneous devices, the topology of the system can dynamically change to device mobility; components of the system are probably programmed with different models, and emergent behaviours can occur, not pre-programmed into the system. On top of this, users of systems expect 24/7 reliability, high levels of security, and privacy of their data. The scale of the challenge imposed by the necessity to manage these systems is such that control can no longer be devolved to a human. Systems must be able to manage themselves, delivering high-quality of service while at the same time optimising overall performance and resource usage.

This poses significant challenges – systems must respond to ever changing conditions, and continuously adapt to external context (such as user requirements and behaviour). Awareness will be required across a hierarchy of levels, ranging from an individual component level to global levels of patterns of use, system performance, network conditions and available resources.

The goal of the workshop is to identify key challenges involved in creating self-aware systems which are capable of autonomous management, and consider methods by which these challenges can be addressed. The workshop specifically targets an interdisciplinary community of researchers in the hope that collective expertise from a range of domains can be leveraged to drive forward research in the area.

For more information such as workshop goals and topics of interest, see the Call For Papers or download the CFP here: PDF | DOC

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