Resources by Event

2012: September – International Workshop on Self-aware Internet of Things

2012: September – Workshop on Self-Awareness in Reconfigurable Computing Systems

2012: September – 2nd Workshop on Challenges for Achieving Self-awareness in Autonomic Systems and PhD Forum

2012: June – 10th Adaptive Computing (and Agents) for Enhanced Collaboration (ACEC)

  • Conference Track @ IEEE WETICE 2012. Plenary talk: The Logical Axiomatisation of Socio-Economic Principles for Self-Organising Electronic Institutions – Jeremy Pitt

2012: June – Awareness Summer School (AWASS 2012) (PDF)

2012: June – 7th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS)

2012: May – 10th Int. Symposium of Modeling and Optimization of Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOPT)

  • Keynote: On Location Privacy – Jean-Pierre Hubaux

2012: April – Edinburgh International Science Festival

2012: January – Awareness Inter-Project Workshop, Bologna (PDF)

2011: December – PhD Forum @ Bionetics, York

  • Methodological Issues in Bio-inspired Computing or How to Get a PhD in? – A.E Eiben (PDF | Video)

2011: October to December – Virtual Lecture Series

  • Self-Organising Institutions – Jeremy Pitt (PDF | Video)
  • Introduction to Human Heuristics – Franco Bagnoli (PDF | Video)
  • SCEL: Service Component Ensemble Language – Rosario Pugliese (PDF | Video)
  • Coordination Models: Parallel Computing To Self-Organising Systems – Andrea Omicini (PDF | Video)
  • Self-aware Pervasive Service Ecosystems – Franco Zambonelli (PDF | Video)
  • Adaptation and Awareness in Robot Ensembles – Matthias Holzl (PDF | Video)
  • Self-awareness at the Hardware/Software Interface – Marco Platzner (PDF | Video)
  • Embodied Artificial Evolution: the Next BIG Thing? – Gusz Eiben (PDF | Video)

2011: October – SASO Workshop on Challenges in achieving self-awareness in autonomous systems, Ann Arbor, USA

  • Proceedings from the workshop (PDF) including:
  • An Agile Computing Approach to Engineering Adaptive and Resilient Computing Systems
    by Niranjan Suri
  • A Survey of Self-Awareness and Its Application in Computing Systems by Peter R. Lewis, Arjun Chandra, Shaun Parsons, Edward Robinson, Kyrre Glette, Rami Bahsoon, Jim Torresen and Xin Yao
  • On Self-adaptation, Self-expression, and Self-awareness in Autonomic Service Component Ensembles by Franco Zambonelli, Nicola Bicocchi, Giacomo Cabri, Letizia Leonardi, Mariachiara Puviani
  • A Coordination Approach to Adaptive Pervasive Service Ecosystems by Mirko Viroli, Elena Nardini, Gabriella Castelli, Marco Mamei, Franco Zambonelli
  • CoCoRo – The Self-aware Underwater Swarm by Thommas Schmickl, Ronald Thenius, Christoph Moslinger, Jose Halloy, Alexandre Campo, Serge Kernbach, Tobias Dipper, Donny Sutantyo, Jon Timmis, Andy Tyrrell, Mark Read, James Hilder, Cesare Stefanini, Luigi Manfredi, Stefano Orofino
  • From Self-Organising Institutions to Self-Aware Institutions: Experimental Results and Prospective Challenges by Julia Schaumeier and Jeremy Pitt
  • Self-awareness in Autonomous nan-technology Swarm Missions by Emil Vassev and Mick Hinchey
  • FUZZBUSTER: Towards Adaptive Immunity from Cyber Threats by David J. Musliner, Jeffrey M. Rye, Dan Thomsen, David D. McDonald, Mark H. Burstein and Paul Robertson
  • Workshop programme (PDF)

2011: June – EPiCS Workshop on Self-Awareness in Computing, Birmingham (PDF)

2010: December – Awareness Inaugural Meeting, Amsterdam (PDF)