Online trading scam: Thailand police launched investigation!

Thai police has started criminal investigation against online trading company that is accused in fraud. All the facilities and the servers of the company are now being arrested. The scheme was pretty simple: people has to invest small amount of money to get huge profits in several months. As far as you may guess, all the money was stolen and the creators of the service tried to escape the country.

The accusation is “Using of web-services for cheating and fraud”. The investigation will give the whole picture of the event. This fact will help the police to locate and block similar networks in future. But the only question is still unanswered by the Thailand police – how did criminals managed to apply for outdoor advertisements?

What about scheme?

The first victim was scammed for sum that is equal to 55 thousand dollars. And the company stopped the payments just in 2 days before he would like to withdraw the earnings. Today all the accounts are frozen, but the criminals had already hidden most of money abroad. Government is interested in investment, because such fake trading services are widespread among Thailand, and they violate the law every day.

All the investors were offered to became publishers on the site. Every like under the post costs about 10 cents. So, all you had to do is login and wait for the posts to get liked. But the only problem is that you have to invest approximately 200 dollars first. The organizers told the participants that they got offer from US and EU-companies which were looking for promotion in South-East Asia. By the way, nowadays the directors could not be contacted despite huge amount of repeated attempts, but one of them had posted video on YouTube. He explained that government and police just did not got the idea of his legal business and all the payments will be finished soon, so investors have no reason to worry about. We mind that he lies.

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