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slef-awareness in autonomic systems

Managing systems is increasingly becoming more challenging. Different devices, heterogeneous platforms and different programming models can now be connected into a single system, and devices are increasing in technological complexity. These factors not only make systems unmanageable but lead to systems exhibiting unplanned behaviours. To counter this, systems must become self-aware, exhibiting context-awareness at an internal and external level.

Aimed at researchers from different disciplines, the Awareness Virtual Lecture Series intends to cover theoretical, practical, and technological issues related to autonomic self-awareness including self-organising and self-adaptive systems, pervasive computing technologies as well as security and socio/economic aspects of autonomic computing.

This lecture series is a collection of 8 weekly online lectures starting on 14 October 2011 and broadcast weekly at 3pm CET (Central European Time).

Each lecture lasts no more than 25 minutes and lecturers are available for online discussion after their lecture.

For more details please contact Nivea Ferreira:

1. Self-Organising Institutions - Jeremy Pitt

Day: 14/10/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr

2. Introduction to Human Heuristics - Franco Bagnoli

Day: 21/10/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr

3. SCEL: Service Component Ensemble Language - Rosario Pugliese

Day: 28/10/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr

4. Coordination Models From Parallel Computing To Self-Organising Systems - Andrea Omicini

Day: 04/11/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr

5. Self-aware Pervasive Service Ecosystems - Franco Zambonelli

Day: 11/11/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr

BREAK: 18/11/2011

6. Adaptation and Awareness in Robot Ensembles - Matthias Holzl

Day: 25/11/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr

7. Self-awareness at the Hardware/Software Interface - Marco Platzner

Day: 02/12/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr

8. Embodied Artificial Evolution: the Next BIG Thing? - A.E. Eiben

Day: 09/12/2011 | Time: 15:00 CET | Duration: 1 hr